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Image of notebook computer with padlock and chain depicting the need to have a data security policy.

Fundamentals of Data Security Policy in I.T. Management

Data security policies are designed to protect business interests by ensuring operational acceptance and compliance with all practices used to protect and preserve business information.

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What is IT Management?

What are the goals of I.T. management?

What is the I.T. management stakeholder?

What is the I.T. service portfolio?

What are I.T. management standards?

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What are I.T. management skills?

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Image of chess piece with building blocks spelling out 'blockade' depicting barriers to productivity.

Making I.T. Work: Overcoming Barriers to Office Productivity

Learn how to overcome the barriers to office and workplace productivity using information technology solutions and an IT management vision.

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Image of control panel meter labeld 'quality' depicting the need to evaluate the cost of quality in projects.

What's the Cost of Quality in IT Projects? (Hint: High, But Worth It)

Quality management is important for successful IT projects, but it does add significant overhead to the project budget and timeline. It's costly but worth it.

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Person reaching out from behind desk offering a handshake depicting the role of the project sponsor and mentor.

Understanding the Role of the Project Sponsor and Mentor

Can your project pass the sponsorship test? You need a committed sponsor and mentor to deliver required management support. Take the test.

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Image of person at computer with clenched fists trying to cope with troubled projects.

Coping with Troubled Projects: Time for Rescue or Graceful Exit?

Every smart project manager must be prepared to rescue a troubled project. And if recovery is not possible, it may be time to find a graceful exit.

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