IT-Manage Infographic: How to Organize Project Committees

Proper committee organization is essential to overall success.  Committees must be organized to suit the mission at hand, considering the people involved and expected results.  Every committee structure must account for certain essentials - leadership, finances and recordkeeping.  The hard part is to fulfill the functional needs - combining the right skills, experience, interests and influences to form a working committee that is more than the sum of its parts.  The infographic below illustrates the process:

How to Organize Project Committees.

And Here's More on Projects and Project Committees

How to Run Better Committee Meetings (Infographic)

When you serve on a project committee, odds are, you will spend a lot of time in meetings.  "Meetings" are the bread and butter of committee operations. So when meetings are unproductive, that's not only frustrating, it's also detrimental. That's why it's so important to get properly organized and be fully prepared.  See More

Project Committee Planner and Template Kit

The 100+ page Project Committee Planner e-book answers all your questions about project committees and how they work, giving you easy, time-saving ways to get organized and operate for success.  You'll find ideas and steps to help you create your committee, set your mission, select members, assign roles and responsibilities, conduct meetings, make decisions, evaluate results and more.   And the Kit also includes (7) fully formatted, customizable templates to get the job done.  Learn More

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If you are, then you need the IT Service Strategy Toolkit from! The Toolkit teaches you how to "add value" to IT projects and services -- using our time-saving "service strategy process". It's ready for instant download, filled with 400+ pages of steps, guidelines, practices and templates. Find Out More

Featured Management Topic: Project Fast Tracking

Strategic fast tracking is a streamlined project management process, used to level the playing field when "project problems" get in the way of on-time success. Our informative "fast tracking" article series explains more:

Part 1: What is Strategic Fast Tracking?

Part 2: Evaluating Projects for Fast-Track-Ability

Part 3: Pinpointing Project Priorities

Get an illustrated view of the fast tracking process in the "Step-by-Step to a Fast Tracked Project" infographic.

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