Service Strategy Toolkit FAQ.

The IT Service Strategy Toolkit is a time-saving management resource, teaching you how to use the "service strategy process" to organize and manage IT departments, projects, operations and services. The Toolkit contains 400+ pages of how-to steps, concepts and guidelines, along with customizable templates ready to produce all the key service strategy deliverables.

Get the Service Strategy Methodology

The Standard Edition contains:

1. The Service Strategy Practices Manual (360+ page PDF Format)

The Standard Edition is the lowest cost option for anyone who needs a "process only" solution (no templates are included).

Service Strategy Methodology + Document Templates

The Extra Edition of the Service Strategy Toolkit gives you the full service strategy process, along with (2) fully editable templates for preparing IT Vision Statements and Steering Committee Charters:

1. The Service Strategy Practices Manual (PDF Format)
2. The Toolkit Instruction Manual (PDF Format)
3. The IT Vision/Mission Statement Template (Word Format)
4. The IT Steering Committee Charter Template (Word Format)

Methodology + Document Templates + Service Review Tools

The Bundle Edition gives you everything that's in the Extra Edition, plus (4) editable tools for planning and conducting IT service reviews:

1. The Service Strategy Practices Manual (PDF Format)
2. The Toolkit Instruction Manual (PDF Format)
3. The IT Vision/Mission Statement Template (Word Format)
4. The IT Steering Committee Charter Template (Word Format)
5. The Service Review Process Plan Template (Word Format)
6. The Satisfaction Survey Template (Excel Format)
7. The Survey Results Reporting Template (Excel Format)
8. The Service Improvement Planning Template (Word Format)

Yes. All of the templates are fully formatted, with sample content and data entry guidelines, and can be customized to suit your needs.

The Service Strategy Toolkit is provided in "digital" format, with the following technical requirements:

  • All editions require Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader software 9.0 or higher, as well as Microsoft Office Word and Excel 2007 or higher for use of the Toolkit components.  These software products are not included with the Toolkit.
  • Note: Each Edition is packaged in a single PDF portfolio file allowing storage and access from a single location.

Yes. The Extra and Bundle Editions both come with a complete Instruction Manual, providing step-by-step instructions for using all of the Toolkit components, including searching, printing, template data entry and more. accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.  Buy Now

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Due to the nature of the content delivered in the Service Strategy Toolkit, we are not able to offer trial versions, but we do provide a full, no risk 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.  We stand by the quality of our Toolkit products and if you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we will gladly refund your full purchase price.  All we ask for is confirmation that you have destroyed/erased the product download files.

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We are. Right Track Associates is the owner and proprietor of this web site and the publisher of the Service Strategy Toolkit.  We have been publishing our Toolkit series of "Do-IT-Yourself" management practices and templates since 2001.

Version 2.0 is the latest version, released in July 2015.

Available in 3 Editions

Standard Edition $62
Extra Edition $94
Bundle Edition $131

Preview the Table of Contents

What does it take to manage I.T. with a sensible "service strategy"?  The question is answered with a thorough review of the "service strategy methodology" and how it's used to deliver value added I.T. (operations, services and projects).

You'll get to explore and exercise time-saving and multi-purpose management techniques, including 'Define, Align and Approve' (for decision making), 'Manage by Process' (for standardized planning), 'Proactive Problem Management' (for technical problem solving), and so much more.

You'll get a complete set of all the key I.T. management "how-to's" - how to define the I.T. mission, how to get organized, how to plan, how to operate, and how to evaluate results.

You'll be able to follow step by step guidelines to plan and conduct I.T. service reviews, to collect end-user feedback, evaluate I.T. quality, service utilization and satisfaction, and to make service improvements.

You'll learn how to fill end-user needs and business goals by creating more relevant, realistic I.T. service portfolios, policies, operational practices, Service Level Agreements, and much more.