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Download the Quick Tools project templates collection.Projects depend on tasks, decisions and activities.  And to see "on time", "on budget" results, these tasks, decisions and activities must be quickly documented, distributed and approved.   That's where our "quick tool" project templates come in - providing a head start to fast, easy document preparation with simple layouts designed to share important information and high-priority conclusions.  

All (8) templates are contained in a single instant download.   The templates are free, we just ask for a quick registration (which we only use for our own newsletter mailings as per our privacy policy).   Here's a list of templates you will receive in your free download:

Statement of Work Template
Contains (11) pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets designed to quickly document project goals, objectives, deliverables, organization and more.
Project Scope Template
Formatted to quickly document scope from a big picture point of view - to list and explain scope inclusions and exclusions according to business needs, requirements, deliverables, and process. (Word Format)
Project Status Report Template
Formatted to quickly organize, analyze, and report "current status" information for any individual project deliverable, issue, task or activity. (Word Format)
Meeting Agenda and Notification Template
Formatted to describe and communicate meeting purpose (goals, objectives, intended results).  Using the "table" layout, you can also list all agenda items and provide logistical instructions. (Word Format)
Change Request Template
Formatted to document change requests according to type, benefits, costs, complexity and value. Evaluate change value and make recommendations.  (Word Format)
Risk Evaluation Template
Formatted to document project risks by type, characteristic and background. Pre-defined options (which can be customized) are provided to quickly rate risks according to impact and probability. (Word Format)
Issues Evaluation Template
Formatted to list issues by type and background, including how the issue was raised and when. The form contains pre-defined options (which can be customized) to evaluate issues by impact and priority. (Word Format)
Mission Statement Template
Formatted to document the planned "mission" for your project team(s), listing all identified goals and objectives. Each goal and objective is quickly stated in list format, and the template also includes an approvals section for stakeholder buy-in. (Word Format)

Each template is cleanly formatted with the same look and feel, including a complete Document Information Sheet (cover page), Document Notes page, content guidelines, and tables with lists for data entry.

Fast Track Plan Template Download the Disaster Recovery Plan Template Download the IT Policy Pack with Policy Template and Survey
Download the Fast Track Plan Template to create management plans for project fast tracking. Download the Disaster Recovery Plan Template to quickly produce comprehensive DRP documents. Download the IT Policy Pack with Policy Template and Policy Satisfaction Survey.
Top 5 Characteristics of Successful Committees Fast track project management infographic.  Follow the fast track lifecycle. Building Actionable Agendas for Productive Meetings
Making Committees Work
What are the most important characteristics of committee success? Size?  Composition? Organization?  Communication? A documented charter?  Learn all about the "top 5" ways to deliver committee success in this quick reference IT-Manage infographic.
Strike a Balance
Project fast tracking is the way to go when project demands and capabilities are out of balance.  Fast tracking is a standardized approach to priority-based project management.  Learn how it works with our "Fast Tracking Defined" IT-Manage infographic.
Building Actionable Agendas
The first step to a productive meeting is to match the agenda to the purpose.  It's easy when you are able to break "purpose" down into manageable information, ideas and issues.  Learn how it's done with this useful IT-Manage infographic.
The Fast Track Project Toolkit Manage better meetings with the Meeting Agenda Toolkit. The IT Service Review Toolkit
The Fast Track Project Toolkit
Ready-to-go standards for project fast tracking, including 27+ tools and templates.
The Meeting Agenda Toolkit
Your meeting management companion filled with steps and tools for agendas and more.
The IT Service Review Toolkit
Plan and conduct comprehensive surveys to improve IT service acceptance and satisfaction.

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