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New Handbook for 2015 - Fundamentals of Project Fast Tracking.  Get an introduction to strategic project fast tracking - how it works, when it's used and how to realize all the benefits.

Also get updated versions of the "ITtoolkit Project Management Glossary", "Priorities and Policies for IT Asset Management", and "Needs Based Planning for IT Disaster Recovery".

It takes multiple deliverables to produce high quality results for managing IT projects, services and operations. Pre-formatted project management templates make things easier, providing ready-to-use layouts that give you a head start to produce key project documents. We have created this template collection for just that purpose, with additional form layouts for IT related plans and policies.  We also offer several how-to "whitepapers" providing practical management concepts and planning techniques for projects, disaster recovery and more. No registration required.

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Change Request Template
Document project change requests according to type, benefits, costs, complexity and value, and to make related recommendations. Word Format.
Disaster Recovery Plan Template
Document and produce standardized plans for IT disaster recovery, ready for implementation and approval. Word Format.
Fast Track Plan Template
Document and prepare high level management plans detailing how a given project will be "fast tracked" covering fast tracking goals, objectives, scope, phases and key tasks. Word Format
Fundamentals of Project Fast Tracking
Get a quick introduction to all the key features, uses and benefits of strategic fast tracking as a standardized process for managing successful projects. PDF Format.
ITtoolkit Project Management Glossary
Learn the lingo and language of projects and project management in this unique reference glossary, organized to present "big picture" concepts, defining key terms and deliverables. PDF Format.
Issues Evaluation Template
Document and list project issues by type and background, including how the issue was raised and when. The template contains pre-defined list options to evaluate issues according to impact and priority. Word Format.
IT Policy Template
Document and produce multiple types of IT management policies, describing policy type, purpose, goals, objectives, provisions and implementation steps. Word Format.
IT Policy Satisfaction Survey
Solicit and collect stakeholder feedback relating to end-user satisfaction with one or more IT management policies. PDF Format.
IT Service Satisfaction Survey
Solicit and collect end-user feedback relating to the quality and acceptability of the existing IT service portfolio. PDF Format.
Meeting Agenda Template
Document and communicate meeting purpose (goals, objectives and intended results). Using the table layout provided, you can also list all the planned agenda items and provide pre-meeting instructions. Word Format.
Mission Statement Template
Document the planned mission for project teams, listing all identified goals and objectives. Each goal and objective is quickly stated in list format, and the template also includes an "approvals" section. Word Format.
Project Scope Template
Document project scope from a big picture point of view, to list and explain scope inclusions and exclusions according to business needs, requirements, deliverables and process. Word Format.
Project Review Survey
Solicit and collect stakeholder feedback relating to project performance, utilized as part of a project review. PDF Format.
Priorities and Policies for IT Asset Management
Learn how to develop asset management policies based on the evaluation of prioritized needs and capabilities. PDF Format.
Needs Based Planning for IT Disaster Recovery
This informative whitepaper provides a "needs based" approach to define, align and approve actionable "plans and solutions" for IT focused disaster recovery. PDF Format.
Risk Evaluation Template
Document identified project risks by type, characteristic and background. Pre-defined list options are provided to quickly rate risks according to impact and probability. Word Format.
Status Report Template
Organize, analyze, and report "current status" information for the project as a whole, or any specific phase or deliverable. Word Format.
WBS Planning Template
Document and produce project-specific "Work Breakdown Structures", covering key tasks, dependencies and related work elements. Word Format.

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Featured Management Topic: Project Fast Tracking

Strategic fast tracking is a streamlined project management process, used to level the playing field when "project problems" get in the way of on-time success. Our informative "fast tracking" article series explains more:

Part 1: What is Strategic Fast Tracking?

Part 2: Evaluating Projects for Fast-Track-Ability

Part 3: Pinpointing Project Priorities

Part 4: Negotiating the Stakeholder "Meeting of the Minds"

Part 5: Defining Projects for Action and Acceptance

Part 6: Sizing Practices to Optimize Capabilities

Part 7: Producing the Fast Track Charter Deliverable

Part 8: Finding Lessons Learned in Fast Tracked Projects

An illustrated view of the fast tracking process is available in the "Step-by-Step to a Fast Tracked Project" infographic.

Start "fast tracking" your next project with the steps and templates found inside the Fast Track Project Toolkit.

Fast tracking steps and tools

The IT Service Strategy Story

The IT Service Strategy Toolkit delivers the full, ready-to-use "service strategy methodology" for managing value-added IT. You'll get the 370+ page Practices Manual, IT Vision Statement Template, and lots more. Every topic is covered, from technology planning to service review processing. Learn All About It!