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1. Fundamentals of Sound IT Management Policy

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IT Management Policy Infographic.

Having a policy is one thing - but if that policy isn't relevant, realistic and purposeful, it will be difficult to realize required benefits. See the steps needed to ensure that every policy is "sound policy".

2. Step by Step to Value Added IT

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Using the IT Service Strategy Toolkit.

See how the IT Service Strategy Toolkit is used to realize all the benefits of "value added IT", delivered through a time-saving "strategic management vision".

3. How to Manage IT with a Strategic Vision

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Strategic Vision Infographic.

Get a big picture view of the top (16) steps essential to managing IT with a "strategic vision", showing you how to create, promote and keep your vision going.

4. Lessons Learned: The Road to Continuous Improvement

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Lessons Learned Infographic.

Get a big picture view of the project review process, leading to lessons learned for continuous improvement and the "institutional body of knowledge".

5. Meeting the Challenge of the Project Constraint

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Project Fast Tracking Infographic.

See project fast tracking "illustrated" in this informative infographic, explaining the basics of fast track management and how it works.

6. Step by Step to the Fast Tracked Project

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Using the Fast Track Project Toolkit.

See how project fast tracking is used to take on and overcome "real-world" project conditions, when resources are running low, but expectations are still very high.

7. Project Committees: Getting Organized

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Project Committee Infographic.

Every project committee needs to have "structure" in order to operate effectively and fulfill its assigned mission. See how it works in this project committee infographic.

8. Project Definition: Making Projects Ready for Action and Approval

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Project Definition Infographic.

Project definition is one of the most important steps in the project management process. This informative infographic shows you how definition is used to ready projects for action and approval.

9. Recipe for Productive Meeting Agendas

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Meeting Agenda Infographic.

What's the quickest way to produce an actionable meeting agenda?  This IT management infographic lays out the steps, with an easy-to-follow recipe for meeting success.

10. Tools for Committee Action: Meetings, Motions, Votes and Minutes

Added March 24, 2016   see more

Tools for Committee Meetings.

If you want to do the job right you need the right tools. Committee success depends on 5 key tools - meetings motions, discussion, votes and minutes. This helpful infographic tells the story.

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Project Fast Tracking

What is it?

Strategic "project fast tracking" is a streamlined project management process, specifically used to overcome the most common types of project obstacles, including insufficient time, resource shortages, budgetary deficiencies and stakeholder conflicts.


Part 1: What is Strategic Fast Tracking?

Part 2: Evaluating Projects for Fast-Track-Ability

Part 3: Pinpointing Project Priorities


Get an illustrated view of the fast tracking process in the "Step-by-Step to a Fast Tracked Project" infographic.

Tools and Templates:

Learn more about the Fast Track Project Toolkit

The Fast Track Project Toolkit provides the entire "fast tracking" methodology in one complete package, filled with how-to concepts, practices and templates. Available for instant download.

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